Women’s healthcare and Nutrition

 Women’s healthcare and Nutrition

Every year, 8 March is celebrated around the world as International Women’s Day. A woman is the essence of life and an all-enveloping character is played by a woman as she plays the character of a daughter, sister, wife and mother all at a time within a span of few years. Nutrient-rich food provides energy for women’s busy lives and nutrition plays different roles during different stages of a woman’s life. During childhood, foods fuel growth. Through childbearing years, diet plays a role in fertility, a healthy pregnancy and prevention of chronic disease. In older years, what women eat can help keep minds sharp and bodies strong.

Women’s healthcare and its ignorance!!!     


 Women play vital and multiple roles, especially those who are employed, as a balance needs to be maintained by them both at home and workplace, thus ignorance of healthcare can have multiple implications on her surrounding environment such as her family, workplace and social network. Also hectic schedule of balancing workplace and home, along with balancing between social and personal requirements, lead to women ignoring their health and routine checkups resulting in diseases like high or low blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, asthma, urinary infection, arthritis obesity, anemia and depression.

Balanced Diet and eating patterns!!!        


A women’s body has to handle multiple changes, such as pregnancy, and breast-feeding, and a healthy diet can go a long way in keeping them hale and hearty through all these changes. A balanced diet menu for women includes all the essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in recommended quantities. Women should also take care of their eating patterns, as a healthy meal should also be eaten at the right time to absorb maximum benefits from it. It needs to be taken care of that meals should not be skipped due to a busy routine. This may also lead to binge eating and consumption of saturated fats, which are very unhealthy. A healthy and balanced diet for women should ideally be divided into five meals in a day i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks in-between.

Healthy Diet Tips for Women!!!           


High Fiber Intake-It facilitates slow absorption of glucose, which keeps the sugar levels normal in the blood stream. Fiber makes you feel full early hence helps in maintaining weight.

Essential Vitamins– Fresh fruits and vegetables are a rich source of vitamins and should be included in the daily diet by women.

Sufficient IronA balanced diet for women is incomplete, unless it is packed with a sufficient amount of iron. Low iron intake can lead to anemia and other iron related disorders. 

Calcium for Bones-Women should take ample care to include calcium in their daily diet as they are at a high risk of developing osteoporosis. Foods like curd or dahi, skimmed milk, paneer and nuts are rich sources of calcium and should be made a part of your daily diet.

Regular Medical check – ups!!!            


With today’s busy lifestyles, finding time to visit the doctor can often be difficult but it is important not to forget about our health. Regular health check-ups are important for women. Even in the absence of symptoms, many physicians recommend routine, yearly doctor visits and physicals for females of all ages. A full check-up for women includes a comprehensive work-up for general health, including heart diseases, cholesterol, diabetes, major organ functions, osteoporosis and common cancers like liver and colon cancer. Specifically designed for women, the plan also screens for breast, ovarian and cervical cancers as well as pelvic disorders.                                                     










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