FOOD CRAVING-3 (Craving for Spicy Food)

Food craving is an intense desire to consume a specific food, stronger than simply normal hunger. Usually food cravings arise to satisfy emotional needs, such as anxiety, stress, boredom and mood swings which lead to low serotonin levels.  This low serotonin levels (neuro transmitter) sends a signal to the brain to have a positive impact on food. While cravings can mean a number of things including psychological reasons, a strong craving usually indicates your body is low in a specific nutrient, vitamin or mineral which are listed below!

When you crave spicy food???      


There are reasons to crave for spicy foods especially red chillies or flakes on the dishes, which triggers immediate sweating which is due to lack of sulphur. Your body is not able to regulate its temperature and needs something that can do so. Capsaicin stimulates receptors that sense heat in the mouth & along the mucous membrane of the nose. The body sweats trying to respond to the heat & flush away the irritant & finally cool down with sweating.

How to curb it: Need to hydrate yourself by drinking plenty of water 3-4 litres, include fluids like lime juice, buttermilk, fruit juices, green tea in your diet.


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