Pre and Post Workout Diet

PRE and POST workout meals are the meals you eat before and after working out. What you eat before (and if needed, during) your workout is crucial for fueling the workout itself and maximizing your performance throughout.

What you eat after your workout is crucial for optimizing the recovery process (which basically begins as soon as your workout ends) and ensuring that your body has all of the supplies it needs in order to recover, adapt and improve the way you want it to.

Pre workout nutrition!!!!

When: – Consume large meals 3-4 hours and small meals 1-2 hours before your workout to allow digestion and have food in moderation because large quantity can impair your performance.

What: – Complex carbohydrates, lean proteins & healthy fats are important sources of energy.

Great options: –  Have whole fruit, brown bread sandwich, oatmeal, egg whites for lighter meals; steamed foods with vegetables

Post workout nutrition!!!!

When: – The body is most receptive to fluid, carbohydrates and other recovery nutrients immediately after exercise.  Consume lighter meals or drinks within 30 min after your workout.

What: – Proteins and carbohydrates are necessary to replenish body’s glycogen stores and helps in recovery process.

Great options: – Chicken, fish, (Steamed or grilled), egg whites can be taken after 30 min; fruit juice, salads/boiled vegetables, soups can be included within 30 min of your exercise.



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