Nutrients Combination-Beta-Carotene/Vitamin A + Fat = Glowing Skin

Food contains a mixture of nutrients that interact with one another, sometimes they join forces, other times they cancel each other out. Many foods work well when eaten together because of the complementary nutrients each contains. When you consume food, certain dishes must be taken in combination with another to obtain better absorption and utilization of nutrients present in the foods. 

Beta-Carotene/Vitamin A + Fat = Glowing Skin               

Beta-carotene is turned into vitamin A in our body and this is not only important for healthy vision but also helps give your skin a youthful glow. Vitamin A also plays a vital role in a healthy immune and reproductive system. But being fat soluble vitamins it is better absorbed in the presence of fat.

Diet Tip: Add a few walnuts and almonds to your fresh cut fruits especially mangoes, papaya etc.



2 thoughts on “Nutrients Combination-Beta-Carotene/Vitamin A + Fat = Glowing Skin”

  1. I pride myself of living quite healthy and eating well, but then I read infformation like this and I realize how much there is still to learn 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

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