Memory and brain power boosting- APPLES

Feeding the mind with the correct food can improve brain performance, as the brain uses carbohydrates for energy; omega-3 fatty acids for forming its cell structure and B vitamins play an essential role in brain function. Therefore foods rich in these nutrients must be incorporated in your diet to boost your memory and brain power.

Brain boosting foods


Here’s a new reason to munch on an apple a day; Apples are a leading source of quercetin, an antioxidant that keeps your brain fluids flowing by protecting your brain cells. According to a study, quercetin defends your brain cells from free radical attacks which can damage the outer lining of delicate neurons and eventually lead to cognitive decline. To get the most quercetin bang for your whole fruit, be sure to eat your apples with their skins that’s where you’ll find most of their quercetin.

Include: In the form of fruit salad, apple juice with skin, whole fruit as a dessert in your meal.



5 thoughts on “Memory and brain power boosting- APPLES”

    1. Well wax coating is always an edible coating and generally made by natural sources only like we developed edible coating in labs during our research work made of gluten, guar gum, starch etc. So its quite safe to have fruits with edible coating as it enhanced shelf life by reducing respiration rate apart from giving it a shiny look. You can also remove edible coating by washing fruits if u are allergic to natural component of coatings.

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