Memory and brain boosting foods- Nuts


Feeding the mind with the correct food can improve brain performance, as the brain uses carbohydrates for energy; omega-3 fatty acids for forming its cell structure and B vitamins play an essential role in brain function. Therefore foods rich in these nutrients must be incorporated in your diet to boost your memory and brain power. 

Brainy nuts

Nuts are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which are important for brain development and are associated with lower risk of depression and better mood, the expression of emotion and concentration. Especially walnuts (brain shaped) are good source of these fatty acids and increase the blood flow to the brain and protects against Alzheimer’s disease. As an added benefit, nuts contain a good amount of iron which is responsible for sufficient oxygen supply to the brain increasing your mental alertness and ability to retain information.

Include: Sprinkle sliced or chopped nuts into hot or cold cereal, fruit salads, and rice and pasta dishes, veggie dishes, even onto soup!


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