Water Melons For Beating Summer Heat

  Scorching summer is up and excessive heat can upset the body causing irritability, sleep problems, exhaustion, dehydration and lack of concentration. But food and drink have a major role, by helping your body maintain cool and healthy during summer. The pigments present in vegetables known as “phytochemicals” acts as sun protection for our skin. By eating plenty of cooling foods we can cool our body from the inside out.




Watermelon roughly contains 80-90% water making it a great thirst quencher. Juicy and delicious water melons are a rich source of essential vitamins like vitamin A, B and C and anti-oxidants like lycopene. These vitamins are quite helpful for our body to produce required energy. Watermelon is a natural diuretic that facilitates the flushing out of toxins from your body gently and it cleanses your system to reveal youthful skin and also prevents excess oil secretion in skin during summer. Watermelon juice guards your skin from the damages made by the sun.

Thrive on:Fresh watermelon juice, watermelon slices and fruit salads.


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