Cooling Summer Foods – Astringent Foods!!!!

Scorching summer is up and excessive heat can upset the body causing irritability, sleep problems, exhaustion, dehydration and lack of concentration. But food and drink have a major role, by helping your body maintain cool and healthy during summer. The pigments present in vegetables known as “phytochemicals” acts as sun protection for our skin. By eating plenty of cooling foods we can cool our body from the inside out.

Cooling Summer Foods – Astringent Foods!!!!   



The term astringency describes the drying and sometimes puckering sensation that is experienced after tasting.  Foods like bananas and grapes also contain an astringent molecule called tannin that gives these foods their “dryness.”  When you consume astringent foods, the tissues of your body contract, or shrink, and increase the water absorption by the body.  This absorption increases the water content in your cells which in turn, keeps your body temperature cooler.

Try it:  Toss a handful of grapes and bananas in your fruit salad and enjoy a healthy and fruity desert that will keep you cool in the summer.


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