Nutrients that you should eat together – Zinc + Sulphur Compounds

Food contains a mixture of nutrients that interact with one another, sometimes they join forces, other times they cancel each other out. Many foods work well when eaten together because of the complementary nutrients each contains. When you consume food, certain dishes must be taken in combination with another to obtain better absorption and utilization of nutrients present in the foods. Following are the list of nutrients that work in pairs which helps you in choosing foods.

Zinc + Sulphur Compounds = Strong Immune System

Whole grains, such as maize, brown rice, wheat and whole legumes contain zinc which is absorbed by the human body more easily in the presence of sulphur compounds present in onions. Zinc is  important for immunity and wound healing.

Diet Tip: Add sliced onions to your whole wheat sandwich or chopped onions to your boiled corn.


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