Indian Junk Food – Samosa


Samosas, pav bhajis, pakoras are delicacies which no Indian can resist. Since these desi delights are rich in calorie content, regular indulgence can lead to abnormal cholesterol levels and increase of abdominal fat, besides paving the way to diseases like stroke, diabetes and blood pressure.



We simply love our evening chai with samosa whether or not it rains. But samosas wreak havoc on our diet by causing upset stomach, acidity, diabetes and obesity when consumed regularly. The samosa contains a maida flour shell stuffed with some filling, generally a mixture of mashed boiled potato, onion, green peas, spices and green chili and may have been fried in oil stored for several months, makes them unhygienic, and an absolute dietary villain.

Substitute with : Dhal Idli-



(Toor dhal soaked for about 2-4 hours and ground coarsely.  Add ground masala of green chillies, coconut, ginger, coriander & curry leaves with Dhal.  Make round or oval shape & steam in Idli stand in cooker for about 15-20 minutes). Serve hot during monsoon with or without chutney.


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