Wrong Food Combinations- Paneer and Meat

Wrong Food Combinations                                                                                              

Different types of foods digest at different rates. When several foods are eaten that digests at different rate digestion gets imbalanced and food begins to rot and ferment in body. This sludge turns into stored toxins. And, when body can’t digest food properly it misses out on being able to absorb the nutrients in food leaving with low energy, fatigue and poor sleep.

Paneer and Meat                      


In general protein/protein combinations are not recommended. One single concentrated protein per meal is easier to digest and won’t require as much energy. Two proteins of different characters and different compositions, calling for different types of digestive juices and these juices of different strength and character and pouring into the stomach at different times, should not be consumed at the same meal. One protein at a meal should be the rule.


Healthy Tip!!

Replace one protein with vegetables in order to get a well-balanced diet and for better digestion.


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