Indian Regional dishes and their importance- North Indian(BAJRA/MILLET KI ROTI)

Regional dishes and their importance                                                

Indian food is different from rest of the world not only in taste but also in cooking methods. It reflects a perfect blend of various cultures and ages. Given the range of diversity in soil type, climate and occupations these cuisines vary significantly from each other and have different nutritional significance.

North Indian Food – “Bajra Ki Roti”  


Good source of iron- helps formation of heamoglobin in blood. Easily digestible and has the lowest probability of causing allergic reactions. Is gluten free -good choice for those suffering from celiac disease who cannot tolerate gluten and effective for severe constipation and stomach ulcers. The presence of phytic acid and niacin helps in lowering the cholesterol. Being rich in fiber content it’s good for diabetics, keeping the glucose levels normal.


Bajra roti cooked with added onions, vegetables, herbs and spices increases the overall nutritional value.


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