Women Nutrition And Healthcare- 1

Women’s healthcare and Nutrition

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A woman is the essence of life and an all-enveloping character is played by a woman as she plays the character of a daughter, sister, wife and mother all at a time within a span of few years. Nutrient-rich food provides energy for women’s busy lives and nutrition plays different roles during different stages of a woman’s life. During childhood, foods fuel growth. Through childbearing years, diet plays a role in fertility, a healthy pregnancy and prevention of chronic disease. In older years, what women eat can help keep minds sharp and bodies strong.

Women’s healthcare and its ignorance!!!     

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Women play vital and multiple roles, especially those who are employed, as a balance needs to be maintained by them both at home and workplace, thus ignorance of healthcare can have multiple implications on her surrounding environment such as her family, workplace and social network. Also hectic schedule of balancing workplace and home, along with balancing between social and personal requirements, lead to women ignoring their health and routine checkups resulting in diseases like high or low blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, asthma, urinary infection, arthritis obesity, anemia and depression.




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