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Low cholesterol levels will promote aging

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Cholesterol is the raw material for many hormones and lowering it lowers hormone production resulting in aggressiveness, irritability, paranoia & severe depression.

You should never eat fast food

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Opt for grilled foods instead of fried, avoid or scrape away high-fat condiments like mayonnaise.

Healthy Menu For the Day

Healthy Menu is the key for well being. A balanced diet and eating in small intervals will not only increase your metabolism but will also provide good nutrients and energy to you body for day- to day work and boost your health.
Please Note: Chappati/Roti can be replaced by 2 slice of bread and pulses can be replaced by other source of proteins

Food That Affect Our Moods-5


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  • It triggers your pituitary gland and gives you an adrenaline rush. And, then comes the ‘caffeine crash’, which can make you feel really low.

  • Furthermore, it can leave you sleep-deprived, adding to the woes of mental health.


TIP: Go for herbal tea to soothe your body instead of consuming normal tea or coffee

Foods That Affect Our Moods-4

Potato Chips

  • Easy to get and easy to eat.

  • They are fried in saturated oil and contain omega-6 fatty acids

  • Omega -6 lower brain activity by blocking the mood enhancing omega-3 fatty acids and bring in the negative feelings instead.


TIP: To calm down that craving to munch something, try almonds or any of your favourite nuts, instead of a pack of potato chips.


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Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated Drinks

• These make you feel high on energy instantly, due to the carbohydrates that are quickly absorbed into your bloodstream.
• But, this raised sugar-level crashes down as fast as it goes up, hence giving you a mood swing.



Fruit Juices

Go for fresh citrus fruits juices.

How to Curb Your Sugar Intake-5 -5

Eat at regular intervals                                             

Many a times, when busy, we tend to skip a meal and pick up some processed food, instead. But this is a huge mistake. Body needs a set number of calories daily and when it does not get it, it starts craving for sugar. Sugar provides your body with instant energy boost, along with the harmful calories. Hence one must eat food at regular intervals.