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Benefits of Carom Seeds

With enhancing the taste of the meal carom seeds have several other benefits which include blood purification, relieving cold and cough, aiding in digestion related problems, expelling intestinal worms etc.



Benefits of Sesame bar- Til ki Gachak

Sesame bar is not only tasty but provide number of good nutrients. Kindly watch the video and subscribe to my channel for more informative videos.

Healthy Monsoon- Happy Monsoon………:)—-1

Diseases such as food poisoning, cholera, cold, cough, flu, poor digestion, jaundice, typhoid and dysentery are common, but undesirable companions during monsoon. All of us are more prone to infections when there is change of season. Therefore, it is important to take good care of your health as well as diet during monsoon.


Humidity levels are high during the monsoon because of which the capability of the body to digest is at its lowest. As digestion during monsoon is slow, eat moderately and only when hungry. Therefore, avoid heavy and oily food during the monsoon season as it can lead to stomach upsets. Always make sure that you do not overeat, ensure that you are only 75% full as this not only helps in easier digestion but also aids in proper absorption of nutrients.

Monsoon tip:

Make a point to have fruits like chikku, bananas, apples, pomegranates, plums, pears and vegetables like carrots, radish and fenugreek a part of your regular diet as it improves digestion process.

Healthy Snack Bars- Til ki Gajak

Til ki Gajak       


 Apart from a distinct and pleasant taste, til and gur are high on nutritional values as well.


  • Half a cup of sesame seeds contains appox. 3 times more calcium than equivalent quantity of whole milk.
  • Til is one of the richest sources of iron in Indian vegetarian cooking.
  • Also contain dietary copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin B1, vitamin, E, protein, and fiber.
  • Til contain sesamin and sesamolin- lower and prevent high blood pressure.
  • Helps in protecting the liver against oxidative damage.
  • Gur or jaggery contains 10 times more iron as compared to spinach.
  • Healthier than refined sugar as it contains several vitamins and minerals
  • Helps to cure cough, migraine, cold, asthma, fatigue and indigestion.

Sugar vs. Jaggery


  • Sugar exists in many forms besides just the white powdered cane sugar. Sugar in all of its forms (including corn syrup, honey and maple syrup) affects the body in the following ways.
  • Sugar increases bad cholesterol and triglycerides and also stresses the liver.
  • Though sugar in some form is naturally present in many foods, by itself, it contains no nutrients, no proteins, no healthy fats and no enzymes. Just empty and quickly digested calorie that actually pull minerals from the body during digestion.




  • Jaggery is a natural sweetener and good source of nutrients. Also provides energy over an extend period of time.
  • Jaggery aids in digestion and reduces constipation. Also helps in cleaning respiratory tracts, lungs, food pipe, stomach and intestine.
  • Jaggery with water has cooling effect on body during summer.

Jaggery is beneficial for people with diabetes, liver disfunctioning, cold, dry cough and asthma