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How to Choose your Fruits and Vegetables-2

Consumption of fruits and vegetables makes your diet healthier. Add one green leafy vegetable and fruit into your day. But how do you pick the best of them? Here are a few tips when you pick your fruits and veggies.


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  • It must be of a rich red color, soft but firm with a smooth outer skin.

  • The redder means riper.



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  • Choose mushrooms which have a smooth surface without blemishes

  • It must be dry, with firm caps and stems with no yellowing.


Food Safety – Hand Washing before Handling Food Material

Hand Washing GuidelinesImage
1.Wet hands
2.Soap (20 seconds)
3.Scrub back of hands, wrists, between fingers, under fingernails, arms almost to elbows
5.Towel dry (single use towel)
6.Discard towel in appropriate manner