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Consumption of Whole grains instead of refined grains lowers the risk of many chronic diseases. Whole grains:

  • Provide bulk in the stomach and helps prevent overeating.

  • Slows the digestive system for blood sugar control.

  • Cleanses the digestive system to keep the intestines disease free.

  • Reduces the risk of heart disease, colon cancer, and type 2 diabetes.

OatsHealth benefits: oats contain soluble fibre that help reduce cholesterol absorption and contain antioxidants that protect from free radicals.

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Tips: Can be taken as porridge with fruits, or added to batters or flours to make it healthier.

WheatHealth benefits: a good source of fibre, vitamins, minerals, and essential oils (wheat germ oil)

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Tips: Retain bran in the wheat flour to give you high nutrient content



Bajra is one of the oldest grains cultivated in India and has many health benefits

Reducing Weight

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Bajra for weight loss
  • Bajra is high in insoluble fiber and helps satiate your hunger quickly, preventing from overeating.

Gluten Free

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  • Bajra is a perfect food for people who suffer from celiac disease, since it is completely gluten-free.

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Tip   : Bajra flour can be included to make breads,rotis, parathas and dosas. Khichdi and  Dhoklas are other recipes in which Bajra can be included.    

Improve Digestive Health-5

Fibre helps in constipation:

  • Fill up your plate with foods like berries, grapes, whole grams, whole grains, vegetables and nuts.

  • Fibre rich foods like these help digestion and keep your bowel regular.

  • Your body needs a recommended 20-30grams of fibre daily.


   • We have trillions of bacteria in our gut that help us digest food, and yogurt contains some types of these healthy bacteria’s such as Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium Lactis etc.,

  • Yogurt has bacteria, which replenishes the normal flora within the gastrointestinal tract and so it’s healthy.



Healthy Snack Bars- Til ki Gajak

Til ki Gajak       


 Apart from a distinct and pleasant taste, til and gur are high on nutritional values as well.


  • Half a cup of sesame seeds contains appox. 3 times more calcium than equivalent quantity of whole milk.
  • Til is one of the richest sources of iron in Indian vegetarian cooking.
  • Also contain dietary copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin B1, vitamin, E, protein, and fiber.
  • Til contain sesamin and sesamolin- lower and prevent high blood pressure.
  • Helps in protecting the liver against oxidative damage.
  • Gur or jaggery contains 10 times more iron as compared to spinach.
  • Healthier than refined sugar as it contains several vitamins and minerals
  • Helps to cure cough, migraine, cold, asthma, fatigue and indigestion.

Eat more healthy fats, fiber, and protein to Avoid Night Time Food Cravings

Ways to Avoid Night Time Food Cravings!                                                              

Night time food binges are something many people can’t resist. Even if one has managed the whole day sticking to diet and getting an adequate amount of exercise, sometimes the urge to binge late in the evening wins over the will power.

Eat more healthy fats, fibre, and protein          


  • These nutrients help the body feel more full and satisfied without a lot of calories required.
  • Good sources of healthy fats include nuts eggs, butter, olive oil, avocado, and fish.
  • Soluble fiber stabilizes blood sugar levels- controls sugar craving at night. Eg. Citrus Fruits, Oats
  • Insoluble fiber fills stomach to reduce hunger pains. Eg. Cucumber, apple, banana etc.
  • High protein foods include lean meats, yogurt, daals &legumes, and milk.




Fiber is an important component of a healthy balanced diet. Fiber is also known as roughage. It is the indigestible part of plant foods that pushes through our digestive system, absorbing water along the way and easing bowel movements. Fiber is not a nutrient and contains no calories or vitamins but necessary for a healthy and efficient digestive system.

Role of Fibre!!!

  • Helps your digestive system to process food and absorb nutrients.
  • Helps to lower blood cholesterol.
  • Fibre makes you feel fuller and so helps to control your appetite.
  • It combines with water, swells up and provides bulk to the digestive system
  • Fibre has the effect of lubricating the contents of the intestines and, therefore, makes the food pass through easily and in a timely manner
  • Friendly bacteria in the colon feed on fibre and they are therefore nourished by it i.e. they act as prebiotics

Healthy Tips!!!

Stock your kitchen with wholegrain food such as oats, brown rice and whole-wheat, bajra, jowar, ragi and make dosa and roti using it.