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Low cholesterol levels will promote aging

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Cholesterol is the raw material for many hormones and lowering it lowers hormone production resulting in aggressiveness, irritability, paranoia & severe depression.

You should never eat fast food

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Opt for grilled foods instead of fried, avoid or scrape away high-fat condiments like mayonnaise.


How to Curb Your Sugar Intake – 1

Cut sugar from your breakfast    



  • Instead of eating a jam or marmalade sandwich, go for a stuffed vegetable sandwich.
  • Substitute the sweet breakfast cereal with oatmeal and eat it without sugar.
  • Add more protein in your diet, like eggs and fish.
  • Proteins stimulate your energy and boost mood.
  • Replace juice boxes for fresh fruit juices as packed juice contain lots of added sugar.

FITMOUNT – www.fitmount.com

FitMount is an informational, social networking and ecommerce website with a search engine purely dedicated to Fitness and health industry.


Team at FitMount is dedicated to make it a one stop destination for all fitness related requirements of the user. “We aim to be the number one brand in the Fitness industry, hence the name FitMount. Fit derived from fitness and Mount derived from Mountain signifying Top/Peak/Numero Uno” said Barinder Singh, co-founder.

FitMount has a very ambitious target of emerging as the most trusted brand for the users to help them achieve their fitness goals.

“We want everybody (age and gender agnostic), irrespective of their fitness lifestyle, to get associated with the brand FitMount. We aim to cover almost all major verticals of the fitness industry phase wise over a period of time” said Avtar Singh, co-founder, who is also heading technical operations of the firm.

One of the initial offerings from FitMount is a platform for young budding fitness / nutrition writers to showcase their writing skills. “We are inviting and providing a chance to all the interested authors to publish their content on our website and connect with the right audience. We are trying to fill the gap between the information seekers and the content providers, to create a win-win situation for both” said Barinder Singh. Here, the users can read, rate and share latest information on ranging topics on Fitness, Nutrition, Supplementation & Motivation.

Apart from this, FitMount will provide latest news and updates on Fitness & Health industry.

Another product from FitMount is a search engine where the users can look out for nearest fitness options as per their choice, with latest reviews and ratings from existing users. It will not only provide ease and convenience, but will also be less time consuming for the users to finally evaluate and select the facility as per their selection criteria.

“Very soon, we will also come up with a social networking platform for the fitness fraternity, where everybody associated with the fitness in one way or the other can connect with the community. The platform will enable users to reach out, connect and help each other in achieving their respective fitness goals.” Said Avtar Singh.

Last, but not the least, FitMount will launch an e-commerce platform for all the requirements of the fitness community, ranging from health supplements, equipment to accessories.

With all these products and services, the team at Fitmount, is completely dedicated to encourage their users to adopt Fitness as a Lifestyle.

Website – www.fitmount.com

Email – info@fitmount.com

Facebook page – www.facebook.com/fitmount

Google plus page – www.google.com/+fitmount

Twitter handle (@FitMount1) – https://twitter.com/FitMount1