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Foods That Affect Our Moods-3


  • Chocolates (except dark chocolates), give you an instant high because of the sugar rush in your blood.

  • But, as soon as it comes down, you also experience a sharp dip in your mood.


TIP: Pick your favourite fruit and eat it to satiate your sweet tooth.

The fibres, pulp and fruit skin ensure that the sugar enter your blood stream gradually, and you do not end up with a low mood.


How to Curb Your Sugar Intake-5 -5

Eat at regular intervals                                             

Many a times, when busy, we tend to skip a meal and pick up some processed food, instead. But this is a huge mistake. Body needs a set number of calories daily and when it does not get it, it starts craving for sugar. Sugar provides your body with instant energy boost, along with the harmful calories. Hence one must eat food at regular intervals.


How to Curb Your Sugar Intake -4

Reduce Salt intakes 


Intake of salty foods has a direct impact in causing sugar cravings as our bodies try to create a balance. Reducing the salt intake as well as use of processed or salty foods will help curb your sugar cravings. Also following the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ approach by removing salt and salt products from your dining table is beneficial.

How to Curb Your Sugar Intake – 1

Cut sugar from your breakfast    



  • Instead of eating a jam or marmalade sandwich, go for a stuffed vegetable sandwich.
  • Substitute the sweet breakfast cereal with oatmeal and eat it without sugar.
  • Add more protein in your diet, like eggs and fish.
  • Proteins stimulate your energy and boost mood.
  • Replace juice boxes for fresh fruit juices as packed juice contain lots of added sugar.

Maida Flour vs. Wheat Flour

Maida Flour:

  • Maida flour has become a part and parcel of bakery industry. Maida flour is basically used in the preparation of paratha’ s, white breads, cake, biscuits, rumali roti etc.,
  • Maida can destroy the beta cells of pancreas which produce insulin to lower sugar levels and increase the chances of diabetes in human beings.
  • Using Maida based products also results in constipation and indigestion problem. Maida would also result in increase of weight.

Wheat Flour:

  • Wheat is probably the most common cereal available all around the world and is in even high demand in recent years due to its abundant health benefits.
  • Wheat considerably lowers the hazards of heart diseases. Owing to its comparatively low fat content. It also regulates blood glucose levels in diabetic patients.
  • The nutrient value of wheat is retained even after processing into the flour.