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Apples are coated with waxes to increase its shelf life. It can be natural or artificial wax. Different coding is used for apples as given below

5 Digit Starting with 9 -> 9xxxx   Organic

5 Digit Starting with 8 -> 8xxx Genetically Modified Fruit

4 Digit               -> xxxx Conventionally Grown contains Pesticides     


Principles of Cooking Vegetables

Principles of Cooking Vegetables                               

Colors of vegetables change by cooking method and chemical reactions. Since most vegetables are cooked in water, the condition of the water or pH (Acidity / Alkalinity) is responsible for these changes.



  • Alkali medium for cooking vegetables should be salted water.  Stronger alkali such as baking soda breaks down the vegetable’s texture too quickly. 
  • Acid media include water with the addition of lemon juice, vinegar, wine, or milk


Covered or Uncovered?


Vegetables are naturally acidic and their acids are released during cooking.  These volatile acids evaporate in the steam of the boiling water. Therefore, if an acid medium is required cook covered.  If an alkali medium is required, cook uncovered.