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How to Choose your Fruits and Vegetables-4

Consumption of fruits and vegetables makes your diet healthier. Add one green leafy vegetable and fruit into your day. But how do you pick the best of them? Here are a few tips when you pick your fruits and veggies


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  • It must be firm, plump and fully colored

  • Strawberries should have the stem cap attached


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Stem should be beige to brown


Foods That Affect Our Moods-3


  • Chocolates (except dark chocolates), give you an instant high because of the sugar rush in your blood.

  • But, as soon as it comes down, you also experience a sharp dip in your mood.


TIP: Pick your favourite fruit and eat it to satiate your sweet tooth.

The fibres, pulp and fruit skin ensure that the sugar enter your blood stream gradually, and you do not end up with a low mood.

Foods That Affect Our Moods-1

Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated Drinks

• These make you feel high on energy instantly, due to the carbohydrates that are quickly absorbed into your bloodstream.
• But, this raised sugar-level crashes down as fast as it goes up, hence giving you a mood swing.



Fruit Juices

Go for fresh citrus fruits juices.

How to Curb Your Sugar Intake-5 -5

Eat at regular intervals                                             

Many a times, when busy, we tend to skip a meal and pick up some processed food, instead. But this is a huge mistake. Body needs a set number of calories daily and when it does not get it, it starts craving for sugar. Sugar provides your body with instant energy boost, along with the harmful calories. Hence one must eat food at regular intervals.